Great news!

New region is available for our customers. This time it is Japan East which will serve visitors based on their geo-localisation.

To select a new data center for any of your domains please do the following:

  • Go to your Adslytic customer panel (
  • Click DomainVault
  • Click Domains => All Domains
  • Click edit next to your domain
  • Click Adslytic region dropdown
  • Select Japan East

This setting only applies to the first request coming from your website visitor to our infrastructure.

Our platform will check the geolocalisation of your visitor and assign him to the closest edge server to his/her location in order to make sure that network latency will be as low as possible (which is very important for behavior tracking).

Anyway, no matter what is the location of your visitor, we always will make sure that your analytics data will reach us as quickly as possible.

In case of any questions, please use our support system and create a support ticket. As always we will be more than happy to provide you and your company any assistance that you could need.

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